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October 25, 2009
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Dissidia Spinoffs by Sephiroth7734 Dissidia Spinoffs by Sephiroth7734
Are your MINDS BLOWN?!?!?!

THIS is what I've been working on for the past month! I finally learned how to effectively shade using Paint.Net, so I celebrated by making this masterpiece! A poster depicting a Dissidia cast for Final Fantasy spinoffs! This poster is modelled after THIS image:


... and all of the FFs represented on my poster are parallel to the chronological order of their release dates, as per this poster. (i.e., FF Legend was first, so its characters are in WoL and Garland's spots)

This is my second (and last) entry in my Dissidia Art Contest on gamefaqs, entered in the FreeForAll category. (but the one I posted on gamefaqs is much smaller, in order to meet my own qualifications.)

What??? You don't know some of these characters? Okay, then...
(note that these descriptions are filled with references you might not get)

(in the FF1 spots)

Human Male (Eric*): The blue-haired dude with the Chainsaw. The hero for FFL would be a generic, unnamed Human Male; a perfect replacement for Warrior of Light. WoL was in his EX Mode in the wallpaper, so I did the same for Human Male. The Chainsaw is arguably the strongest weapon in the game, as it has a 50% chance of instantly killing any enemy, INCLUDING the final boss. Written on the Chainsaw are the words GenBu, SeiRyu, ByakKo, and SuZaku, the names of FFL's Four Fiends, who were re-used as gods in FF11.
Intro Quote (to Creator): "I'm not just some pawn in your design!"
Reference pic: [link]
*The Human Male is named Eric in the English manual.

The Creator: The green-skinned character opposite Human Male. The villain of FFL later returned as the main villain of Final Fantasy IV: the After Years. He is the creator of the entire FF universe, and is also responsible for the destruction of several of his own worlds. He creates the FF worlds, helps them evolve using the crystals, and if their end result is not to his liking, he attempts to destroy them (and is sometimes successful). His EX Mode would probably be related to one of his forms in FF4TAY. In a Dissidia game, The Creator would also be the Final Boss, replacing Chaos.
Reference pics: [link] [link]

(in the FF2 spots)

Sumo*: The orange-haired chap at the bottom. The hero of FFA is a Gemma Knight raised in captivity. One day, he manages to escape, and meets a girl named Fuji who is also on the run. When she gets kidnapped by the Glaive Empire, Sumo must enlist the aid of his friends (one of which is a chocobo) to rescue her. But Sumo's quest would be filled with tragedy upon tragedy... In Dissidia, Sumo would act very much like Firion, as they are both weaponmasters. Sumo can use swords, spears, sickles, axes, morning stars, and several basic spells.
Loss Quote: "I'm not a hero..."
Ref: [link]
*The nameless hero is given the name "Sumo" in the English manual.

Julius Vandole: The guy with the red veil and spiky blonde hair. The villain of FFA is the born prince of the Vandole Empire, which was destroyed when he was just a baby. Julius was the sole survivor, and was found by the ruler of the Glaive Kingdom, Dark Lord. At some point in his life, he learned of his heritage and plotted to betray Dark Lord. He would find the girl, find the Mana Tree, and use its infinite power to raise his fallen empire from its ashes. Unbeknownst to him, however, this is the equivalent to draining the Earth of its Lifestream, which would end all life. His arsenal consists of fire and lightning spells, and he has a sword too, but he'd probably only use it during Chases, like Terra. His EX Mode would be his second to last form ( [link] ), and his EX Burst would be Double Nuke.
Intro Quotes (to anyone): "You've no chance against me, my dear!" "You will never leave here alive!"
Refs: [link] [link]

(in the FF3 spots)

Benjamin*: The purple-armored brunette at the top. The hero of FFMQ is a normal guy who just happened to get thrown into some prophecized journey. He's not too bright, so in many ways, he's similar in personality to Bartz. And like Bartz (and also Firion and Sumo), Benjamin would play as a weaponmaster, having mastered the use of swords, axes, dragon-claw.. grappling... hook... things.............. and bombs. Benjamin would able to use his Dragon Claw to quickmove faster than other characters, but it would have a short startup time.
Intro and Victory poses: Shrug of Justice!
Refs: [link]
*Benjamin's name is only mentioned in the English manuals. In Japan, he's called Zash.

Dark King: The green-skinned guy with the crown in the bottom-left corner. The villain of FFMQ is a very mysterious character with unknown origins (though I have my theories). He has the power of creepy-crawlies. You heard me. He can both summon spiders and transform into one. And also a squid. Before Gilgamesh, the Dark King was the one multi-wielding weapons with multiple arms; weapons including a longsword, bow, katana, axe, rapier, and scimitar. Funnily enough, he is also undead, and when Benjamin uses the Cure spell on him, it will break the damage limit and do massive 5-digit damage. Two of these can easily kill him.
Victory quote: "And now you will serve me."
Ref: [link]

(in the FF4 spots)

Crono: The katana-wielding bloke with the spiky red hair in the top-right. The hero of CT is a quiet lad growing up in the town of Truce, 1000 AD. His friend Lucca invented a teleportation machine, and Crono's test provided evidence of her success. When their new friend Marle tried it though, it malfunctioned and sent her back in time. Crono's misadventures eventually starting screwing with history, and so they must travel between eight different time periods to fix everything, and stop the coming apocalypse they soon learned about.
Ref: [link]

Magus: The pale-skinned, blue-haired guy above the Dark King. Supposedly from the year 600 AD, Magus is the ruler of the Mystics/Fiends. Magus is attempting to summon Lavos, a monster that will cause the apocalypse in 1999, early, but his reasons for this are unknown. Magus uses a scythe, but I don't know how he'd play in-battle.
Victory quote: "You got wacked cuz you're weak."
Refs: [link] [link]

(in the FF5 spots)

Byuu: The blonde character between Human Male and Sumo. The silent hero of BL is a Cross Knight, Captain of Kahna's Dragon Squad, and a Dragon Breeder. Quite the accomplished 17-year-old, eh? But the story is hardly about him; it concerns his childhood love interest, Princess Yoyo, and her reluctant quest to awaken the Holy Dragons and, supposedly, save the world. A Cross Knight is essentially a Red Mage, only much better. He dual-wields two swords, and casts powerful all-encompassing magic. His personal dragon is Salmando, a red, winged dragon with no limbs.
Ref: [link]

Emperor Sauzer: The blue-haired, robed fellow in the top-left corner. Sauzer is the ruler of the Granbelos Empire, and believes that he is the one chosen to awaken the Holy Dragons and open the gates to Altair, world of the Holy Dragons. He attempts to read the mind of the Holy Dragon of Darkness, Hyperion, only to fail. Thus, he kidnaps Yoyo, hoping he can convince her to do it for him. Sauzer's one and only wish is to go down in history as a hero.
Ref: [link]

(in the FF6 spots)

Ramza Beoulve/Lugria: The rapier-wielding blonde kid to the right of Crono. The hero of FFT is the adoptive son of House Beoulve, together with his sister, Alma. After realizing how corrupt his two half-brothers are when they order the death of his friend's sister, Ramza severs his ties with them, and adopts his mother's last name, Lugria. After learning that the superpowers of the world were being manipulated by otherworldly demons called Lucavi, Ramza takes it upon himself to stop their mysterious plans.
Intro quote: "I have no wish to change the world."
Ref: [link] [link]

Ultima: The silver-haired, red leather-clad woman on the left. The mysterious leader of the Lucavi, the High Seraph uses the body of St. Ajora Glabados as a host to further her plans. But when her host is killed, she becomes trapped within his body, and must be resurrected by her servants 1200 years later. As it turns out, Ramza's sister Alma is the only suitable host that can accomplish this. Her EX Mode would no doubt be her skeletal second form: [link]
Intro quote: "Your soul itself shall not escape my wrath!"
Victory quote: "Your defiance reaps you naught but death's embrace!"
Loss quote: "More.... power..."

Ref: [link]

(in the FF7 spots)

Aki Ross: The black-haired woman in the very bottom-right. This 27-year-old doctor travels the Earth, searching for spirits with corresponding frequencies capable of fighting off the malignant Phantoms roaming the world. She is a military correspondent working under Dr. Sid, both of whom are desperately attempting to convice the council not to fire upon the nest of the Phantoms, because doing so will harm the spirit of the Earth, Gaia. While she never actually uses a weapon in the movie, she could easily be given one of them nice blaster cannons used by the Deep Eyes Force. Her alternate costume could feature her in that sexy Matrix-esque suit she was supposed to have worn in future installments ( [link] ).
Ref: [link]

General Douglas Hein: The black-haired, black coat-wearing, gun-toting dude above Ultima. The villain of FFSW lost his wife and kid to the Phantoms after they first crashed on Earth. Hein leads the United States Military Force, and is in charge of defending the New York Barrier City. To eleminate the Phantoms, he oversaw the construction of the Zeus Cannon (you thought the Junon Cannon was big? HA!), which would be fired upon their nest. But when Aki's plea prevents Hein from getting authorization to fire it, he begins looking for evidence to brand her as a traitor.
Ref: [link] [link]
(teehee, THIS is the real reson I made that last deviation. It was practice.)

(in the FF8 spots)

Kaze: The very brooding looking character just above Aki. The anti-hero of FFU had his world destroyed, and from this cataclysm, he gained amnesia. The only things he remembers are his world being destroyed by Chaos, his sister Aura, and Makenshi. Piecing what little he remembers together, he concludes that Makenshi is responsible for his world's destruction, as well as his sister's death. Thus he dedicates his life to getting revenge on him. He wields a magical gun called the Magun, which combines different types of "soil" (tiny crystals) to summon. But it can't always be used, so he has a backup handgun as well.
When entering EX Mode: "The Magun has thawed."
EX Burst quotes: "Soil... is my power!" "The Soil Charge Triad to be used on you has been decided!"
Random Quote: "I know nothing of ideals."

Refs: [link] [link]

Makenshi: The very, very white guy next to Hein. After Makenshi's world was destroyed by Earl Tyrant, he pretended to side with him and became one of his top-ranking soldiers. His plan was to learn of any weaknesses Chaos may have so that he could destroy it and, hopefully, return all the worlds it conquered to normal. Makenshi is a member of a race that exhales Mist, so he has to wear a steel veil to keep from accidentally spawning monsters and curses. His sword is capable of growing larger, and can be infused with the Holy spell (opposite his twin brother Madoushi, who uses Flare). He keeps concentrated Mist in small plastic bottles, which he can use to summon by slicing them open.
Intro quote (to Kaze): "You're so cool. As always, it seems."
Ref: [link]

(in the FF9 spots)

Sora: If you don't know which one's Sora, this is your first time on the internet in years. Born (supposedly) and raised on the Destiny Islands, Sora spent his days training and playing, until the day the Heartless came and destroyed his world. Chosen by the mysterious Keyblade, Sora embarked on an intergalactic adventure to save other worlds from meeting the same fate. I have no idea what his EX Mode would be (Ultima Weapon?), but his alternate costume would obviously be his KH2 outfit, and Trinity Limit would be his EX Burst.
Ref: [link]

Ansem: The silver-haired man at the very top of the villain side, just to the right of Makenshi. The villain of KH is not who he says he is. In fact, he is one half of a person with a stolen name who stole someone else's name. Yeah. "Ansem" is a scientist who experimented on hearts, and supposedly created the Heartless. After falling subject to these very experiments, he becomes obsessed with darkness, and is now intent on flooding the universe with it. He lost his body some time ago, and in order to survive, he has taken over the body of Sora's best friend, Riku.
Intro quote (to Sora): "Every heart returns to the darkness whence it came!"
Battle cries: "Submit!" "Why don't you vanish?" "There's no such thing as light."
When he blocks: "Come, Guardian!"
Death cry: "*gasp*... but why?!"
Victory quote: "Those who know nothing can understand nothing."
Loss quotes: "So, it wasn't a fallacy..."

Ref: [link]

(in the FFX spots)

Clavat: The blonde kid just above Human Male. The generic male Clavat seen front and center on the front cover of the box. No matter the race or gender, the protagonist is always a caravanner from the small town of Tipa. The world is veiled in an invisible mist called miasma that brings death to any who inhale it. The only safe places are areas with crystals, but even those can't shine forever. So it is up to crystal caravanners to seek out Myrrh Trees in order to "refuel" the crystals and keep the towns safe.
Refs: [link] [link]

Raem: The really, really big golden thing way in the back. Raem is a sadistic parasite with an insatiable hunger for painful memories, so he defends the Meteor Parasite, the source of the miasma, so that misery can spread throughout the world and feed him. Needless to say, he's completely addicted to them, and even though he can survive with only a few memories from time to time, his immense gluttony has grown to irreversible heights. He's big, yes, so he would need to be severely shrunken to work well in Dissidia. You know those towers in the corners of the FF5 stage? He'd be just big enough to fit on top of one without going over the edge.
Ref: [link]

--Secret Characters--

Geno: Bottom right, in the border; the brown one with the blue hat. Originally a star being from the heavens, he possessed a wooden doll named Gaz in order to interact with and fight in the physical world. His real name is ♥♪!?, but since that's impossible to pronounce, he gave himself the name Geno. When the evil Smithy crash lands in his world, he destroys the Star Road, where wishes go to come true. Thus does Geno take it upon himself to defeat Smithy and repair the Star Road. Given its fame, his EX Burst would no doubt be Geno Whirl.

Django: Bottom-right, in the border; the white wolf. Django is a member of an ancient race capable of switching between human and wolf (though we never see his human form). This ageless being has lived deep underground for centuries, protecting the legendary sword, Ehrgeiz. This sword is extremely sought after, as it contains a Phoenix materia in its hilt. Django's alternate costume in Ehrgeiz turned him red-orange to make him look like Red XIII, so it's presumed he'd have the same in Dissidia. His EX Mode would turn him into a giant, demonic creature called Red Scorpion.

Oh, and don't ask if any of these characters will appear in Domus Facina. I don't wanna hear it.
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Drakohahn Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013
So much potential for older/obscure SquarEnix characters to really shine in the Dissidia games. Who knows what the future for it holds.
ShadowEclipex Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I say it shouldn't just be Final Fantasy, it should be whole bunch of Square Enix Franchises.
GreyPikmin334 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013
HELL TO THE YES!! I've been saying for YEARS that putting Chrono & the gang in a crossover like Dissidia would be the PERFECT way to spark interest in the Chrono franchise again! Well done!
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Hell yeah, you added Mystic Quest, and Chrono Trigger! :iconmegustaplz:
KatonCT Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012
Dude total Final Fantasy Fangasim here! Amazing Ideas~
VulpineSnow Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
Heh. You know something funny? While I questioned the presence of Kingdom Hearts characters, I did not question the presence of Geno. Why? Because of that ONE bonus boss from Monstro Town, Culex, whom quotes Neo-Exdeath at the beginning of his batttle with Mario and co.
MetalArtisan Featured By Owner May 21, 2012
F-bombing brilliant. Ten points for Gryffindor!
Kaisertheconquerer Featured By Owner May 11, 2012
Awesome pic. New myself, but this is what im into
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Kingdom Heart, Bahamut Lagoon and Chrono Trigger are different sage of Final Fantasy, it doesn't be a spin-off
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I made something of a spin-off myself.
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